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digital marketing strategies

Top 8 Digital Marketing Strategies for Luxury Brands That Deliver Results

Studies show that 80% of the sales of luxury brands are a result of great digital marketing. We know that it is hard to believe but surprisingly, it’s the truth!

In the past decade, social media has changed the face of marketing. As a result, increasingly more brands are turning towards smart digital marketing strategies. Interestingly, it is working for them too.

Even though luxury brands are gradually moving online, yet some are hesitant. Why? Because luxury brands have expensive products and services to offer. Consumers either turn to reviews or like to try such items on. This mindset on part of your customers can affect your sales.

However, digital platforms are aimed to make it easier for not only you but your customers. You just need the right digital marketing strategies that generate positive results. We have picked out the 8 best digital marketing strategies that actually work.

1. Visual Social Networks Like Pinterest Are The Best

Pinterest is an amazing visual search engine. Brands are using it to reach customers from across the border. It has millions of users. Using appealing images of luxury products can work like magic.

With your photography in place, you can get your luxury products marketed globally. It is not just to attract the attention of your audience. But it also can be pretty effective in raising awareness about your brand.

Having a Pinterest presence can be both attractive and educational for your audience. It is also possible that a portion of your target audience uses Pinterest. By ignoring visual search engines like it, you might be saying goodbye to a boost in sales.

2. Luxury Brands Need To Have Easy-To-Use Websites

High-end luxury brands tend to get way too creative with their website designs. This can be detrimental to their sales. Why? Users love to know that their favorite brands have websites. But they love it even more if the websites have top-notch functionality.

Accessibility is a big factor of your website that makes your customer stick around. When your customer has to struggle to use your website, then that’s a red flag.

As a luxury brand, get creative but at the same time, maintain functionality.

3. Attract Your Customers With A Story

Pakistani designers like HSY like to focus on a “journey” wherever they go. You might be thinking: why would customers even care about that? But that’s where you are making a fallacious assumption.

Customers love to hear great stories. Let that story come from you. Motivational speaker Simon Sinek always says that we need to focus on the “why” behind a company. If your vision stems from something, your customers can relate to it.

To get your customers hooked, give them something they find attractive.

4. Employ Instagram and Facebook Paid Ads

Paid ads help you target your customers more effectively. How is that? You can specifically reach people according to their age, income, preferences, etc.

Let’s suppose that you want to reach women above the age of 35 that live in Islamabad. You can target them pretty easily with Facebook and Instagram ads. You can even target people of a specific university or geographical region. For a top digital marketing agency, paid ads are helpful. That is because they like to target a specific audience to boost sales for their clients.

All you need is to create an ad that you audience will find attractive. One click and it can possibly generate a good sale.

5. Not Taking SEO Seriously Yet? Then You’ve Got A Problem

If you want to grow your luxury brand, you should take SEO seriously. The fact that everyone is running towards SEO should not discourage you. Instead, you should use your creativity to capture Google’s attention.

Initially it might be hard but with the right SEO strategies in place, you can win.

SEO is important because a majority of internet users click on the first three search results. If your business is SEO ranked, then getting healthy internet traffic shouldn’t be an issue.

6. Create A Narrative of “Status” Around Your Brand

People like to purchase luxury products because they want to establish their status. If you are wearing Maria Basit Malik at a wedding that shows you’ve got money.

So you need to convince your audience to subtly show their status off. A majority of people purchase Apple over Samsung. Why do you think that is so?

Because it is a sign of class. Create such a narrative around your brand! It might take some time but soon your tagline will catch on!

7. Haven’t Created Visual Content For Your Audience Yet? Then Do It!

Audiences like to engage with interesting content. You can choose a theme or a story that you want to visually communicate. People prefer watching visual images and videos.

Unfortunately, the attention timespan of today’s audience has reduced immensely. That’s why reading lengthy and boring content can really put them off.

Why else do you think vlogs are getting more popular with each passing day? People like to watch something fun and that stays creative.

As a luxury brand, you need to find what you can do better according to your resources.

8. Ensure The Exclusivity of Your Brand Online

Maintaining an exclusivity online isn’t hard! But luxury brands believe it is hard because everything is accessible online.

To maintain that your brand is exclusive you should make members-only groups. This can give your audience a sense of ‘pride’. This can be a pretty clever strategy to retain your audience.

Following the digital marketing strategies would help you establish a strong customer base. If your luxury brand is struggling to follow any of the above-mentioned tips, contact MBM. Our experts specialize in helping luxury brands in growing their existence.

Our experts will first take your digital marketing needs in view. Only then will they suggest the best digital marketing strategies for your brand.