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Offering tailor-made contemporary and competitive social media marketing services in Houston, MindWhiz is the leading social media marketing agency in Houston, TX. Besides providing every client with a customized social media marketing strategy, we also focus on implementing promotional campaigns that amplify your sales. Our brand awareness strategies ensure that you generate business across multiple social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing Features

Account Managers

As the best social media marketing firm in Houston, we assign a designated account manager so you have access to a digital marketing expert at all times. To make your goals a reality, our fully equipped team of social media marketing experts are always at your disposal.


Target and tap into your key audience through exemplary marketing copies. As part of our unmatched social media marketing services, we offer targeted messaging that is both seamless and apt in nature in accordance with your customer base.

Paid Social Advertising Specialists

Your dedicated social media marketing specialist will stay in the loop with your Account Manager to modify your promotional campaigns according to the feedback received from time-to-time.

Graphic Designers

To help your ads shine, we have a team of expert graphic designers. From stunning static posts to moving videos to perfect GIFs, our social media marketing firm ensures that your ads stay on top of all trends so they have maximum outreach.

Social Medias Marketing Platform

Here’s a quick list of expert local SEO services you can expect from your MindWhiz team:

Facebook Marketing

As one of the most cost-effective platforms of online marketing, you can now use Facebook social media marketing to showcase high levels of customer support and drive maximum traffic to your e-commerce website. Our social media marketing company manages your Facebook account, optimizes your advertisements, determines your marketing budget and expands your reach.

Twitter Marketing

Have your brand go viral in a matter of seconds with the right Twitter marketing. As your best shot at a great Twitter social media marketing, we Select and deploy data-tracking tools to measure your brand’s growth on Twitter, locate the demographics of your target audience and create paid ads that drive traffic to your account.

Instagram Marketing

Building a strong community at a global level is now extremely easy with a strategic Instagram social media marketing. Our social media marketing consultants enhance and maximize your reach on Instagram by implementing all trendy tactics. Besides, our experts ensure that each post that is designed and posted follows all the rules that can get your account the maximum reach in its relevant industry.

LinkedIn Marketing

Don’t know how to establish a professional reputation across everyone’s favorite professional social media platform? Our B2B social media marketing agency has experts that know the ins and outs of LinkedIn social media marketing. This means that you can now develop a great LinkedIn company page, design valuable marketing posts and connect with your potential market in a short span of time.

YouTube Marketing

Given that more than 90% of customers discover brands through YouTube ads, our B2C social media marketing firm recommends YouTube marketing to you. Partner with MindWhiz today to curate a YouTube marketing strategy that will compel your audience to visit your e-commerce website and make a purchase.

Pinterest Marketing

Want to convert random online skimming into valuable leads and customers? Not an issue for the best social media marketing firm in Houston. Our Pinterest marketing experts make sure that all your pins are categorized, keyword optimized and utilize potent CTAs. We improve your Pinterest marketing campaign based on our in-depth analysis of your performance on a regular basis.

What Are The Benefits of
Social Media Marketing Services

Better Online Exposure

Our social media marketing agency focuses on delivering optimal online marketing strategies that can dynamically increase your engagements, conversions and positive feedback. All of this is deemed significant by our social media marketing specialists as we believe in expanding the size of your online community.

High Search Rankings

Did you know that search engines like Google and Bing now analyze your engagements over your various social media platforms? Yes, that’s how interconnectedly the Google algorithm operates. With a social media marketing firm like MindWhiz, you don’t have to worry about staying on top of all this because our experts do it for you.

Specific Audience Targeting

Not tapping the right audience can be extremely detrimental for your brand which is why you need to target your customers correctly. While everyone wants to target their audience, not every business is able to achieve that. This is why our social media marketing firm recommends you evaluate whether your social media marketing strategy aptly targets your audience or not.

Improved Customer Reach

For product research, 54% of customers prefer using social media platforms, so hire a social media marketing partner that analyzes your niche market to understand the nature of customer base. Only this way can you improve your customer reach exponentially and conversions.

Enhanced Customer Trust

Create deep, meaningful relationships with your followers by hiring our competent social media marketing firm that excels at content that your customers demand. Our experts utilize social media videos to showcase authentic testimonials that your customers find reliable.

Increased Profitability

Social media marketing for small businesses is an affordable way to reach the maximum audience without spending tons of money. You can now reach an unlimited number of prospects by investing in a good social media marketing company.

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MindWhiz is a multi-dimensional agency established in 2020, providing high-performance technical solutions that have led to building a strong and diverse company portfolio.
Providing seamless and unprecedented technological solutions that will revolutionize the global landscape through radical transparency, innovation and diversification!

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