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MindWhiz enjoys the position as one of the top SEO agencies in Houston. You can now hire our professional SEO experts to double your website turnover. Book a call with our SEO consultant today to know how you can develop an efficient SEO strategy for your business. At MindWhiz, we believe in providing affordable SEO services, to get you the website ranking that you desire.

SEO Features

Enable More Traffic

While everyone wants to achieve the highest search engine ranking, not everyone knows how to get there. As the leading, full-service SEO agency, MindWhiz can help your website be on the top of Google search results in a span of six months or less.

How Do We Do It

Our team of professional SEO specialists increase relevant visitors to your website and increase your company’s visibility online so your sales incur a major boom. We also maintain transparent and efficient communication channels with you so you can stay on top of your SEO progress.

We Are A Full-Service SEO Agency

Serving clients globally, we are the best SEO service company in Houston. We specialize in providing 360-degree SEO services and solutions that can be customized according to your business model. In case, you don’t find an SEO service that might be looking for listed below, ring us up and we’ll add that two your bespoke SEO strategy.

Local SEO

With MindWhiz as your SEO partner, you can now dominate the SERPs and increase your organic visibility and reach.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO experts make your website flawless, so there are no hurdles stopping the SERPs from crawling up your website and ranking it higher.

WordPress SEO

Using the world’s leading content management system; ‘Word Press’ to its full potential is what our SEO agency is known for.

SEO Analytics

Do you want a result-driven SEO campaign? Partner with one of the top SEO agencies in Houston and attain your long standing business objectives.

SEO Audit

Conducting a comprehensive SEO audit and providing you with SEO recommendations that work are just a few more of the SEO services our full-service SEO agency offers.

On-page SEO

Are you sure that every page of your website is optimized for search engines? If not, our SEO marketing strategists have your back!

E-commerce SEO

Need organic traffic that is both consistent and sales-driven? Now meet all your multipurpose goals with our SEO Experts !

International SEO

Operate globally but worried about targeting the apt audience? Our SEO specialists optimize your website so it targets the right locations and demographics.

App Optimization

Increasing your app downloads and positive app reviews was never so easy! As the leading SEO company in Houston, we are well equipped to generate organic downloads and reviews for your app.

What an Average SEO Company Looks Like

Step One

Google Business Listing

Our SEO specialists create a Google my Business profile for your brand to ensure that your website stays updated and optimized with respect to the local SEO rules.

Keyword Research

We retrieve data about your website traffic, your customer’s search intent and your overall statistics to draw up a list of keywords that are result-driven and goal oriented.

Consumer Research

We use the knowledge gained from the first two steps to know exactly what keywords your potential customers use to search for your products and services.

Website Audit

To identify issues that slow down your SEO progress, our team of SEO experts conduct a comprehensive website audit. This further assists our team to enhance the areas where your previous SEO strategy might have lacked.

Competitor Research

Specific to your industry, our SEO agency conducts an in-depth analysis of your competitors. All to target high-performing keywords while locating the issues as to why your rankings are lower or higher than your competitors.

Removal of Duplicate Copy Content

Since duplicate content can hamper your SEO progress drastically, we have designated SEO experts that are responsible for removing any duplicate copy content that might be on your website.

Onsite Optimization

Based on the steps taken so far, our SEO experts will implement a new information architecture, metadata optimization, correction of 404 errors, sitemap optimization, 302 redirects, removal of fault front end code and canonical tags. Two create fully optimized websites.

Information Architecture and User Experience (UX) Review

MindWhiz will review your conversion rates, UX and your website’s overall information architecture to explore the changes that are required by utilizing and deploying our graphic design and web development teams.

Transactional Content Creation

Fresh and regular content is created by our in-house copywriters, which is then reviewed by our SEO experts. With the help of our content team, we create and post transactional content on your website to constantly optimize your website against high-performing keywords.

External Backlink Analysis

Our SEO experts identify any link spams there might be and remove them so your ranking progress is not prohibited by Google algorithm in any way.

Internal Link Analysis

Your website’s internal link structure is reviewed by our SEO team to ensure that the link juice is distributed to each priority page on your website. This also limits the SEO juice distribution to low priority pages to further enable your ranking to improve.

Consult with Client

Our SEO experts get in touch with you, understand your business model, retrieve information on any previous SEO strategies and achieve the results that you expect. Keeping all this in view, our SEO consultants provide you with a bespoke SEO strategy that gives you the results you want.

Step Two

Link Building

For a result generating SEO strategy, you need to partner with the best SEO agency to receive maximum online traffic.

Content Creation

For your website, our content team delivers interesting, meaningful and clickable content consistently so your website traffic doubles in no time.

Social Media

We curate and deliver customized social media plans that are aligned with your SEO strategy to ensure uniformity and goal achievement.

Structured Data/Schema Markup

Throughout your website, MindWhiz will implement schema markup or structured data so your website has the highest chance of appearing in rich snippets or answers.

Ongoing Analytical Review

After a close analysis of your website performance, our experts will point out any subtle changes in your customer’s behavior so your current SEO marketing strategy can be modified accordingly.

Ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and UX Optimization

Our SEO experts employ various event tracking tools like Google Tag Manager to enhance your website’s ability to convert meaningful website traffic into a developed customer base.

Why MindWhiz?

MindWhiz is a multi-dimensional agency established in 2020, providing high-performance technical solutions that have led to building a strong and diverse company portfolio.
Providing seamless and unprecedented technological solutions that will revolutionize the global landscape through radical transparency, innovation and diversification!

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