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Do you want to earn the badge of ‘the best SEO Agency in Pakistan’?

To be honest, keeping up with the SEO expectations in 2021 can be a hard task. Yet, that does not mean that it is not achievable.

It can be costly to spend your resources on the best SEO experts. Why? That’s because SEO experts charge a lot. They charge even more than you think.

Nonetheless, starting an SEO business has relatively very low operating costs. For example, you start by providing basic SEO services to small businesses. In this case, the operating costs will not be too much.

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Due to the success of SEO, digital marketing agencies are trying to hire SEO experts. This way they can offer SEO services to clients.

So if you are looking to master SEO, then we have got you covered.

First, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to operating an SEO business in Pakistan.

  • Is SEO Business Profitable in Pakistan?
    According to a recent statistical analysis, 82% of people that implemented an SEO strategy in their business found it to be productive.

    There is a ‘retainer fee’ that most SEO agencies charge from their clients. This retainer fee amounts to $5,000 a month. This means that even if you have four to six clients, the math seems promising.

Even if you charge your clients on an hourly basis, the profits are going to show. Why? That’s because in the US alone, the hourly pricing for SEO clients ranges from $100 – $150.

The numbers discussed so far show that SEO businesses are pretty profitable. So, if you have the best SEO experts on board, your company can actually become the best.

Pro tip: This can assist you in making your decision appropriately. I understand that SEO can be a huge investment of time and money. This is why I have explained all the important points. These points will guide you about the points you should consider before hiring an SEO agency.

  • How to Get Started as an SEO Company?

As an SEO company, it is going to be hard in the start. Why do I say that? Let me explain it through an example.

SEO is an immensely profitable business. Millions of companies want to receive a better ranking on the internet with the help of it.

It is just like having a lot of fish in the sea. These fish represent the competition. That’s why when I say that it is hard in the start it means that the competition will be hard.

  1. How to Understand Your Competition?

To comprehend your competition, you need to decide a niche for your SEO agency. If you believe that you can provide SEO services to every industry, then you are wrong.

  • Narrow Your Niche Down to Become the Top SEO Agency in Pakistan

Especially when you are starting out as a new agency, it is important that you narrow down a niche.

For example, if you have SEO experts that have handled the fashion industry for years then that can work for you. How? You can pitch your SEO agency to fashion brands in Pakistan.

When you understand your niche better, you automatically understand your competition.

As an SEO agency in Pakistan, you should first see which industry can potentially generate the most output for you.

Nonetheless, industries that are not too famous when it comes to SEO can be your niche as well. These industries might have less competition in SEO and so it will be easier for you to provide value to your clients by setting trends.

  • Target Specific SEO Locations

It is important for you as an SEO agency that you focus on understanding the requirements of local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

Google is very smart. It uses the locations of millions of people to generate appropriate search results.

For example, I am looking for ‘the best Thai restaurants in Lahore’. A Google search will give me results that are specific to my location. This is how companies understand their niche first. Then, they target the local SEO that is relevant to their niche.

  • Have the Best Experts on Board

Three years back I worked for an SEO Agency in Pakistan. In that company, content writers with experience in the food and beverage industry were recruited.

I asked my manager: why were they looking for content writers from the fashion niche? My manager explained to me that it is important for their clients.

At the time, I didn’t understand what he tried to explain to me.

I have worked in the SEO field for many years. Now, I understand that having SEO experts with specific experience relevant to an agency’s industry is imperative.

  • How to Generate Good Results for Clients?

It is important that you use a way that others are not using. I see many SEO agencies running after the most popular keywords.

You can locate low-competition keywords by using productive tools like Google Trends.

Targeting low competition keywords can help you in improving the SEO of your clients.

When your client’s website will receive more traffic, they will automatically be happy with you. This can help you retain your customers for a long run.

Important: Many of your clients might think that they are capable of doing what you are doing through an in-house SEO team. You have to prove them wrong by using techniques that are creative and unique.

  • Don’t Forget Your Own Website

Many SEO companies tend to forget that they need to generate content for their own company. Improving the rankings of your own company is just as important as your client’s.

You should constantly produce content that can improve your SEO. If you have an improved SEO, you will be able to get more website traffic.

This can help you get more customers. For example, I search for top SEO agencies in Pakistan and your site comes in the first five results.

This shows that your SEO game is good. Receiving a ranking in the top five search results with respect to specific keywords requires big effort. If you are in the top five search results that shows that you have worked on your SEO strategy pretty well.

  • Hire a Company Like Mindwhiz

There are many SEO agencies that might charge you crazily. Yet, these agencies might deliver low-quality work.

This is where MindWhiz shines. As a great SEO agency in Pakistan, Mindwhiz can help you get your search engine optimization to the top.

Investing in an SEO agency in Pakistan or anywhere can be good. However, you should check an SEO agency’s portfolio before hiring them.

This can assist you in making your decision appropriately. I understand that SEO can be a huge investment of time and money. This is why I have explained all the important points. These points will guide you about the points you should consider before hiring an SEO agency.