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Running an online business in 2021 can be tricky. From maintaining an online presence to boosting your ROI can be hard. Luckily, this problem has a solution.
Digital marketing agencies like Mindwhiz provide you multiple services to generate quantifiable results.

Difference Between a Traditional Marketing Agency and a Digital Marketing Agency

According to a recent study, it is expected that by 2023 in Pakistan, 43% of total advertising money will be invested in digital advertising.
Why? That’s because businesses in Pakistan are rapidly moving towards digitization.
This means that the existing online businesses will face an immense competition in the near future. To deal with this competition, every online business will have to generate a unique digital marketing strategy that stands unbeatable.
This is where a digital marketing agency will be able to help you. You see, a traditional marketing agency will not be able to assist you in this regard. Why is that?
Traditional marketing agencies will help you with creative initiatives for television, newspaper, magazines, and other mass media. Now-a-days, these agencies also target websites for businesses, but they don’t excel at maintaining your social media and website to generate a great ROI.
A digital marketing agency, on the other hand, provides you with creative initiatives in the real world and enables an increased ROI for your online business as well.
Having a top digital marketing agency like Mindwhiz can certainly help you have an increased traffic to your website and eventually, more customers to boost your sales.

Key Benefits of Working with Mindwhiz

Mindwhiz provides your online business in creating a better and more powerful marketing strategy.
Let’s take a brief walk through all of them, one by one.

  • Mindwhiz helps you in enhancing your digital marketing strategy

Prior to working with you, Mindwhiz analyzes your company entirely. This assists them in locating the weak points in your digital marketing strategy.
The need to have a powerful digital marketing strategy stems from the idea: “the future is digital.”
According to the statistics, Pakistani e-commerce market generated a value of $622 million in 2017 alone.
This depicts that Pakistan is rapidly moving towards a digital future, where businesses will have to establish an impactful digital marketing strategy to penetrate their relevant markets.
Fortunately, Mindwhiz can help you strengthen your digital marketing strategy.

  • Mindwhiz improves your online image

Your online image matters just as much as your offline one. Presenting your business online according to the trends and expectations is a place where Mindwhiz shines.
Improving your online image means maintaining a better brand authority. To do this, your company must have a strategy that aligns with modern trends. This can potentially generate organic traffic for your business.
This organic traffic will certainly boost your sales, which is why you should hire the best digital marketing agency in Pakistan.
Note: We get it if it might seem like a big investment. Nonetheless, outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency in 2021 can be cost-effective. Mainly because digital marketing agencies know their way in and out. They know the tricks to get you affordable solutions for your digital marketing needs. You can either hire Mindwhiz to do it or another agency in your city in Pakistan.
Especially if you want to win the best brand authority in 2021, Mindwhiz can help you achieve that.

  • A Professional Business Domain with Mindwhiz

To work on your digital marketing agency, you must have a professional business domain with your name.
Fortunately, Mindwhiz has a collaboration with G Suite Pakistan which can assist you in having cheaper web hosting services.
As the official reseller of Google Cloud services, G Suite Pakistan, can get you a virtual space for your business in local currency.
As Mindwhiz has the official Google Cloud partner on board, it can certainly be beneficial for your digital marketing strategy.

  • A Better ROI with Mindwhiz

What does a better and higher ROI mean? It means increased profits.
The best digital marketing agency in your area will act as a bridge between your marketing activities and ROI. They continually rework digital marketing strategies so that you don’t stay behind in the competition.
Remember that there is a rapid wave of digitization that is currently overtaking Pakistan.
In order to provide you with the best digital marketing strategy, Mindwhiz has the following positions established:

  1. Marketing Strategists
  2. Marketing Managers
  3. Copywriters
  4. Designers
  5. Web developers

Services Offered by Mindwhiz

The services offered by Mindwhiz cover all your digital marketing needs:

  • Information technology

_ UI/UX Development
_ Website Development
_ Website Maintenance
_ Software Development
_ IOS & Android Application Development
_ Amazon Virtual Assistance
_ Customer Relationship Management

  • Design & Animation

_ Product Demos
_ Photography
_ Corporate Interviews
_ Animation
_ Graphics & Visual Designing
_ Voice Overs

  • Brand Development

_ Brand Research
_ Brand Management
_ Brand Identity & Development

  • Digital Marketing

_ Video Advertising
_ Social Media Management
_ Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign
_ Media Planning and Buying
_ Integrated Marketing Campaign
_ Geofence Marketing
_ Email Marketing
_ Conversion Rate Optimization

What Mindwhiz Does Differently?

Mindwhiz isn’t an average digital marketing agency in Pakistan. It is on the top because we deliver what we promise.
Our clients from the US to Pakistan are a representation of our promises. They have an enhanced brand authority and a strong digital marketing strategy because we have the best minds on board with us.
If you want affordable digital marketing solutions for your company then Mindwhiz has got your back.
Consult our experts today to perfect your digital marketing approach!