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Email Marketing

If there is one way that guarantees an effective promotion of your company and serves to be a solid marketing channel in the digital world in this day and age then it has to be email marketing. So, while you get a great amount of competition on social media and users usually spend less time going through the ads. Before you may think it’s a fake promise we have a detailed plan ready to show how we do it!

Email Marketing Services

Introductory Emails

Once you have the E-mails of your desired customers, it is considered as a bad practice to shoot your shot with promotional or sales-oriented emails right away. As our team aims to make clients stand out among the list of emails that your desired customers may receive on a daily basis, we take the route of getting in touch in a more informal and personalized tone. By doing so, our email marketing experts successfully introduce the brand to the client and also develop a small relationship with the client which is essential for nurturing them later.

Email Newsletters

This is where the real bet comes and we are regarded as the true masters when it comes to creating target-oriented Email newsletters. As the leading Email marketing services providers in Pakistan, we create newsletters drafts that are either based on nurturing the existing contacts so that your customers think about your brand for the products you offer or when you simply want widespread brand awareness! Furthermore, we also integrate the emails with useful marketing CRMs so that you also get to keep an eye on how well the newsletters are working for your company!

Dedicated Emails

Being your email marketing consultant, we also work with you on ways of taking great care of every single customer and for the similar reason, our dedicated emails work like a wonder! Dedicated emails are stand-alone emails with a single offer to a particular person. When crafted well, you have a 100% chance of capturing the interest of the customer in making them buy from you. Apart from that, we also use the dedicated emails strategy as a part of the after-sales process or for sending an important message that would matter to them on your behalf.

Re-Engagement Emails

In case if your metrics show that your customers have been inactive for long then it’s about time that you leave the goal of getting their attention back to us. We know how to turn any loss into a win by giving your targeted clients enough reasons to come back to you again by showcasing offers, new collections, or an exciting brand story! We take full responsibility for keeping your email engagement rates up to the mark and making sure that your emails enjoy a great reputation among the ISPs too which is why we always rank on top when it comes to finding the best email marketing agency in Lahore, Pakistan.

Review Emails

You know reviews matter for the reputation of your business and we know the way how to get them through review emails. We begin with requesting reviews from your most satisfied customers and then even help you find ways to get more of them from other customers through clever incentives offered that will eventually convince your customer to leave a review and buy more from you.

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