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Amazon Seller Account Creation & Management Amazon Seller Account Creation & Management


Our team understands how to provide companies and Individuals with ways to benefit on Amazon. We help you thrive by leveraging our combined experience and custom-tailored strategies to effectively market your company and goods while increasing profitability. It’s important to understand that not every company or product is a good fit for Amazon. We will assist you in determining whether or not this applies to you and your product or business.


If you’re a new seller or a seasoned pro, the Amazon Marketplace can be a difficult place to navigate. We know Amazon inside and out as specialist account managers at both the Seller Central and Vendor Central levels. All works best when both parties work together, from successfully hitting deadlines to winning the Buy Box to increasing qualified customers. Here, reciprocal contact is crucial.


LLC Creation

A limited liability company (LLC) is a form of business arrangement that provides limited liability protection as well as tax pass-through. The LLC, like companies, is a legal body independent from its members. As a result, shareholders are rarely held individually accountable for the company's debts and liabilities. We provide services that can help you sit in anywhere in the world and have an account of Amazon.

Warehouse Services

In Texas Houston, one of nine tax free states, our company owns ware houses that are located at different locations, we also offer the ware house services on rental basis! Our aim is to provide our valuable customers with all the facilitation possible in house, we aim to set the goal to give full comfort to our clients and renting the ware house to store the product in US is one tough cookie to crack!

Amazon Seller Center Setup

What's unique about Amazon is that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to launching an Amazon venture. There are many ways to thrive on the platform, from the business model you select to the goods you offer. Regardless of the type of business model and product you select, the steps to get up and running on Amazon are the same. We first decide with our clients that which business model is more suitable for there requirements: Private Label, Wholesale, Retail Arbitrage, Drop shipping, Handmade Two Fulfilment Methods: 1. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) 2. Fulfilment by Marchant (FBM)

Product Hunting & Searching

MindWhiz offers you the ability to find the exact successful goods you need to launch on Amazon with confidence and create a company that allows you to operate the way you want it. Our research team is fully equipped to assist our valuable customers in the most convenient way possible. We make sure that we find the best product with the utmost characteristics in it. We have all the knowledge you need to locate the needle in a haystack in this race which has millions of items to browse through.

Product Sourcing

MindWhiz follows the best metrics under which they find a profitable product with good margins in it, the product is of good demand and the competition on it will also be limited, we are specialized in finding the right niche for our clients. We have a very good link with the markets in the China and also in the US. We determine the sales volume in multiple markets, we look at the reviews on the product also looking at the estimated fees and other things to be considered. No one can tell you critically which items would succeed the most, but we make sure through our metrics that we find and source you the best product.

Product Photography and Videography

MindWhiz has its own studio and latest equipment to cover the concept also with the latest tech we show the robustness of the product in a more mature and suitable manner describing all the features of the product without even mentioning them.

Product Descriptions & SEO Bullet Points Writing

The marketing copy used to illustrate a product's value proposition to prospective consumers is called a product summary. To help create a sale, a convincing product description provides consumers with information about features, problems it solves, and other benefits. We make sure to highlight the key features and give the proper understanding to the product, then the product catches the attention from a proper targeted audience also with our keywords strategy the product gets more hype in less time!

Product Listing Creation

Your product page serves as your storefront as an Amazon seller. Your listing title and picture on a search results page are like a window display that tempts buyers to click. The product page, which includes your comprehensive overview, customer reviews, and additional photos, gives buyers a complete picture of your item. Listings offer all of the information a customer requires to make a purchase, making them crucial to Amazon sales. As a seller, it's critical that you design your product page in such a way that customers can find it quickly and easily.

Keyword Searching

It improves the visibility of your product page on Amazon's search engine. The keywords are indexed for your product. The product page is shown for a search with the keywords based on the keywords in the listing and the backend search terms. When you use the right keywords in your Amazon page, you're effectively "reading the same language" as the Amazon shopper. Your product can be organically seen and recognized by the searcher interested in your space by matching the keywords in your listing. The right keywords connect the dots between your product and the buyer's keystrokes. Additionally, the shopper gains a better understanding of your items.

Product Listing Optimization

The process of improving product pages' search visibility, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate (CR) in order to generate more sales on Amazon is known as listing optimizing. Keyword research, listing text and image optimization, and increasing the number of reviews and everything is part of this method.

PPC Campaign

Amazon's internal advertisement scheme is called Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC). Professional sellers may use Amazon PPC to generate ads for their products that appear in Amazon's search results and competitor product listings for specific keywords. The Amazon PPC ads network is open to Amazon's third-party sellers. It enables sellers to develop marketing campaigns for their goods and then charges them every time a potential buyer clicks on and watches their ad.

Buy Box Wining Strategies

Understanding how Amazon's algorithms operate will allow you to improve your results on related variables, increasing your chances of winning the Buy Box and outperforming the competition. When we talk about winning the Buy Box, it's probably more appropriate to conclude that a seller wins or loses a share of it. After a merchant meets Amazon's minimum eligibility criteria, the Buy Box algorithm categories sellers based on a variety of factors. Amazon pits rivals against one another to see how they stack up on each element for the same product.

A+ Content

The term "Amazon A+ content" refers to a listing of product description that enables brand owners to tell their story with enhanced image and video content. Competitor comparison charts are used in this affair and also HD videos and high-resolution photographs are taken of the product with refined edits.

Store Optimization

Customers can browse items through the sections on the left-hand side of the website, but the search bar remains the primary way to find items on the shopping store. Keywords are identified by Amazon's search feature from product names and descriptions, suppliers, designers/brands, and search phrases.

Product SEO

It's important to understand that Amazon's search algorithm is not the same as Google's or Bing's when it comes to surfacing results. In a nutshell, there are many less ranking signals or factors than with traditional SEO, which has as many as 200 factors, according to some estimates (though others dispute this). Amazon's search algorithm is known as A9 since the company that manages SEO for the company, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, is also known as A9. Under the metrics of Amazon’s search algorithm, we do product SEO to the finest manner.

Analysis & Business Reporting

All Amazon practitioners need detailed reports that provide insights into their advertising, fulfillment, inventory, inventory health, and the sales. While Amazon allows you to access a Sales Dashboard and a Traffic page – both of which can be found under Amazon Business Reports – you still need to conduct an analysis of these reports so you can modify your advertising strategy. This is where Mindwhiz becomes relevant for your Amazon business. We provide you with custom analysis & business reports that can help you get a simpler view of your advertising and sales.

MINDWHIZ Mentorship and Guidance Program

Amazon is world’s most customer-centric program. That’s right! Amazon sellers obsess over their customers and try to devise their entire business strategy around them. But there’s a problem: you are not only one and you’re certainly not the only seller that customers have. Instead, customers have million other businesses like you. So how can you get your customer to knock on your door? By providing them with a wider selection, amazing customer service, and better prices. You can learn to do all of it in Mindwhiz Mentorship and Guidance Program.

E-commerce Website Creation

Having a website is the best and easiest way to manage your Amazon business. Setting up an e-commerce store that enables smooth online purchases for your customers can help boost your sales by 100%. One of the biggest benefits of having an e-commerce website for your business is that you can manage inventory. That too – at your own ease. You can bulk import your inventory from an Excel, eBay, or CSV file as well. Everything you need to create a fully-featured, beautiful store can be achieved with our team by your side.

Amazon Account Rescue

A lot of times Amazon sellers are unable to understand why their accounts are suspended. And it is only understandable because Amazon has a lot of requirements. Staying on top of all of that can be hard. Putting a plan of action together to get your Amazon account einstated is hard but not impossible, especially for Team Mindwhiz. Our experts conduct an account rescue assessment for you and see how we can help you get your account back. Our account rescue starts with a free review, and upon finding the solution we quote a charge.