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Business Projections

Projections include all the details that lenders may want to have a better understanding of your company, such as how it generates income and where it spends money. Financial predictions may assist you figure out what new assets you’ll need to support higher revenue and how that would affect your balance sheet. The forecasted financial plan shows how much more debt or equity you’ll need to be stable and healthy.
Mindwhiz assists you in keeping track of cash flow, changing pricing, and altering manufacturing schedules.

Proactive Healthcare Management

Mindwhiz creates deep learning medical tools that help doctors make faster diagnosis. The firm’s deep learning platform analyses unstructured medical data (radiology pictures, blood tests, EKGs, genomes, and patient medical history) to provide clinicians with a better understanding of a patient’s current requirements. The company’s automated software prioritizes patient sickness or injury, records hospital waits times, and even plots the quickest ambulance routes.

Smart Assistants

A smart assistant, whether voice-controlled or text-based, makes it easier to get the information you need. Smart assistants, such as Robo-bosses, can take care of regular chores, allowing managers to concentrate on more important responsibilities. Smart assistants are simpler to use and have a shorter learning curve than GUI systems.

Disease Mapping

Disease mapping makes use of disease maps as visual representations of complex geographic data to provide a basic overview of the disease status in a given area. When integrated with GIS spatial analysis tools, remote sensing images might help to support and guide existing disease monitoring and control efforts at the local, regional, and even continental levels.

Automated Financial Investing

The use of digital platforms to make pre-programmed investing and trading choices for consumers based on algorithms and data from the user such as age, income, goals, and risk tolerance is known as automated investing. Mindwhiz is a great option. Mindwhiz is a great place to start when it comes to accumulating riches.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring allows you to locate everything important to you on social media and have a better grasp of the conversations about you and your business that are taking place. Mindwhiz offers mind-boggling social media monitoring services.

Inter-Team Chat Tool

For a smooth working of organization, a stream-lined conversation between team is very important. Mindwhiz makes sure the timely slacking of team. Because it takes a team to make a business.

Conversational Marketing Bot

We design a bot in minutes so it can start acquiring leads for you and automate next steps. Qualify leads, grow pipeline and speed up customer resolutions all with Custom Bots from Mindwhiz. We provide best support experience with an easy setup.

Why MindWhiz?

MindWhiz is a multi-dimensional agency established in 2020, providing high-performance technical solutions that have led to building a strong and diverse company portfolio.
Providing seamless and unprecedented technological solutions that will revolutionize the global landscape through radical transparency, innovation and diversification!

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